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James Hughes

Head of Strategy


I understand how easy it is to waste money and time on marketing.

The biggest secret of the advertising industry is that MOST marketing efforts don’t make businesses any money.

The reason found & valued doesn’t have an Instagram page is because our strategy for onboarding clients has NOTHING to do with social media.

We don’t waste a single second of time on any marketing activity that does not have trackable and significantly beneficial results.

Every strategy we implement for businesses is based on goals, revenue and results.

3 Steps To Digital Success

Making money has never been easier. A generation ago, you had to write a letter and wait a week for a response. Now the world is fully digital, interconnected and moves at lightning speed.


Identify who your target audience is, discover where they spend their time online and put your brand in front of them.


Use copy, imagery and video to tell a version of the story of your brand that resonates with your target audience. Why should they give a fuck?


Life gets in the way. You need to stay in the minds of your audience and be there at the exact moment they are ready to buy.


Strategy Manager

Project Manager

Email Marketer & Automation Specialist (Hubspot / Mailerlite)

Persuasive, SEO & AI-Assisted Copywriter

Website Developer

Social Media Manager

Digital Ads Manager

Content Creator

UX & Customer Journey Specialist

Data Analyst & Reports Aggregator

Specialist Areas

Digital to Physical

Finding an audience online and bringing them to a physical location. Previous clients include garden centres, art galleries, flooring stores and music events.

Community Building

Connecting like-minded people and bringing them together to create thriving digital and “in real life” communities. Previous projects include web3 discord communities, app-based communities and local interest communities.

SEO For Competitive Niches

Developing extensive SEO campaigns for super competitive niches, including crypto, finance and gambling industries where paid adverts are not permitted due to strict regulations.

Digital and Physical Art Sales

Creating new experiences and processes for selling contemporary art online. From portfolio websites to metaverse experiences – helping artists and galleries sell traditional contemporary art and NFTs online.

It has been a great pleasure working with Found & Valued.

We are at a significant juncture in our company’s history, established in 1955 and having grown to look after 1000s of customers per year, we needed to update our digital and marketing strategy.

That’s where we contacted James for his help on this journey.

From the outset, he has listened closely to requirements, and went above and beyond to understand not just our company but the market context and other players in the market in order to develop a higher quality finished product.

James’ communication has been excellent throughout, he works through things methodically and with attention to detail that gave me nothing but confidence the job will be done to a high standard first time. 

We are a medium sized business that had outgrown its old processes and outdated website.

Found & Value are helping us to modernise our online presence, raise brand awareness and ultimately get more customers through the door.

Their team went the extra mile with other elements of our strategy such as building a mailing list and developing a mechanism for proactive communications so that we can build an ‘always on’ conversation with our potential and existing customers.

Cannot recommend Found & Valued highly enough.

Jamie Longstaffe

Longstaffes Flooring Ltd

Life is short. Don’t miss out.

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